End Labour’s “Insane” Funding Formula Chaos says Lib Dems

Local Lib Dems have called on the Home Secretary to end the unfair funding formula which will mean budget cuts for Greater Manchester Police, despite figures released which show that Greater Manchester has one of the highest crime levels in the Country.

Manchester’s Liberal Democrat Crime and Disorder Spokesperson Councillor Jackie Pearcey said “The figures show that people living in Greater Manchester are more likely to be hit by burglary than anywhere else in the Country and be the victims of crime. Yet because of the Government’s insane spending formula, Greater Manchester Police are facing a budget deficit of over £6 million and are having to look at cutting police numbers rather than increasing them to the level at which they can properly tackle crime.

Cllr Pearcey added, “The blame lies in the funding formula, which has set a ceiling for what Greater Manchester Police are given by the Home Office which has nothing to do with local need. The Home Office should give the police enough resources to do their jobs.”