Tameside Euro-MP wins massive victory

Chris Davies MEP

Chris Davies MEP

A Tameside MEP yesterday won a key vote in the European Parliament that will help shape Britain’s economic future

Liberal Democrat Chris Davies secured cross party support for controversial plans to develop a low carbon economy.

By a margin of 3-1, MEPs backed the ‘Davies report’ intended to combat climate change and promote industrial investment.

It endorses plans by the European Commission to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 80% over the next four decades, with milestones to be reached along the way.

The Commission’s ‘Roadmap’ has the support of the British Government and that of 25 other nations. Although formal acceptance has been blocked by Poland, the vote by MEPs means that the Commission can now introduce specific proposals that must each be judged on their merits.

Davies admitted that securing cross-party agreement had required tough negotiations and difficult compromises. He acknowledged that the wrong decisions could put future jobs at risk.

He said: “But get it right and we will promote investment, technological innovation and new employment. It will be a cleaner, safer, more secure world.

“Europe cannot solve the world’s problems by itself but changes are happening fast and are inevitable. The more we do now the cheaper it will be in the future.

“Either we take a lead in promoting a low carbon economy or we will get left behind as the Asian economies exploit the opportunities and take a technological lead.”

Chris Davies received warm congratulations for his work from Europe’s Climate Action Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard.

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