Viv Bingham

Viv Bingham

Viv Bingham

We are sad to report that Viv Bingham OBE, who was Lib Dem candidate for Stalybridge & Hyde in 2005, has passed away just over a week ago.

Viv was a Liberal and then Lib Dem member for many many years, his passions in politics included the Co-Operative movement and the campaign for nuclear disarmament.

A popular figure in the party, he was President of the Liberal Party nationally in 1981-82, and perhaps best known and loved for his leading of singing “We Shall Overcome” at the close of party conference Glee Club each year.

Our thoughts are with his family and close friends, and with the many happy moments we shared with him on and off the campaign trail.


Viv Bingham, 11 April 1932 – 3 March 2012

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