Have ferret, will travel

Ferrets, dogs and cats are set today (Thursday) to gain greater opportunities to travel across EU borders.

MEPs are expected to give their support to changes in the law providing for the movement of non-commercial pet animals.  The new arrangements are built on the success of ‘pets passports’ legislation approved a decade ago. They simplify procedures and allow more animals to be moved to take part in
competitions and sporting events.

Pet animals can accompany their owners if they carry a microchip ‘passport’
that proves they have been vaccinated against rabies.

Human cases of rabies average only one per year in the EU.

Tameside MEP and cat owner Chris Davies, speaking in the Parliament today
hailed the measure as an example of an EU law that made life better for
people – and their pets.

He said:  “Ferrets, cats and dogs can now travel across Europe for holidays, competitions or sexual liaisons.

“The misery of quarantine restrictions for both pets and their owners has come to an end, and cases of rabies have been held in check.

“Lib Dems in the EU are trying to make a fairer society for all – including lovelorn ferrets and their long suffering owners.

“I’m sure that pet dogs will be excited and pet cats will be indifferent to the legislation but on a serious point this is the EU creating opportunities and adding value to the experience of people and their pets in a way that no single country could do alone.”

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