Environment victory

Chris Davies MEPNew cars are set to be greener after a Tameside Euro-MP persuaded the EU to maintain a crack down on harmful air-conditioning.

And Liberal Democrat Chris Davies is praising EU rules that have led to the creation of a welcome new chemical product.

A European law agreed four years ago says that all new types of car must from next January use a coolant in air conditioning systems that will not contribute to the problem of global warming.

At present the systems in all cars use a chemical that is 1,500 times more likely to cause climate change than carbon dioxide.

Car makers tried to push back the deadline, arguing that suitable alternative products would not be available in time.

But a lobbying campaign led by Davies persuaded the European Commission to hold firm.

Now chemical companies have developed a new product, HFC1234, that can be used without any changes being made in the design of air conditioning systems.

The MEP described the result as good for car drivers and good for the environment.

Davies said: “EU regulations get criticised a lot, but they can also create new market opportunities and drive forward innovation.”

“It is only through technological progress like this that we can overcome the threats that mankind faces on the planet.”