UK signs up to fight human trafficking

Police forces across Europe will have more power to crack down on human traffickers after the UK signed up to support tougher measures today.  Tameside’s Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies, who has campaigned for the UK to sign up to the new anti-trafficking directive, said:

“The UK has long been a leader in the fight against human trafficking and today’s announcement sends a powerful message that we intend to maintain that position.

“Along with fellow MEPs I helped to lobby the Government to opt in to this directive after they initially decided against doing so. Certain issues are more easily tackled by 27 countries acting together than by each acting alone. Had the UK failed to opt in, efforts to curtail this abhorrent practice would have been hampered.

“EU involvement in this issue may have caused arguments within the coalition but as a Lib Dem I welcome this as a victory for the protection of vulnerable people.”

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