“Ignore the cold”, Tameside MEP tells Governments

Cold weather may make it easy for people to deny that the world is growing warmer, but a Tameside Euro-MP says that governments should pay no notice. Chris Davies has welcomed the outcome of the UN’s climate change conference in Cancun, and wants Britain to press the European Union to set more ambitious targets for reducing CO2 emissions.

Chris, the Liberal Democrat’s environment spokesman in the European Parliament, says that the conference has given a major boost to those campaigning for binding agreements to reduce global warming emissions.

He said: “The outcome far exceeded expectations.  Although the measures agreed are nothing like enough to prevent devastating climate change the process exists to tighten them each year.

“It’s important that people realise that every single government in the world accepts that global warming represents a threat and that measures must be taken to combat it.  This is not some kind of trick or conspiracy, it’s about the future of mankind.”

Davies stressed the need for Britain to become more energy efficient and to develop a low carbon economy. “China is taking great strides forward in this respect and if we don’t do more we will find ourselves left behind,” he warned.