Davies presses for more EU rules to save money

Chris Davies MEP

Chris Davies MEP

Tameside Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies is calling for an EU law to be toughened up to help cut energy use and save money. 

He  told the European Parliament’s environment committee today that the EU’s 2009 Eco-Design Directive was forcing manufacturers to introduce more efficient electrical devices.

The law sets new standards for a growing range of products, and bans the sale of equipment that does not comply.

Chris said: “EU rules come in for plenty of criticism but this one is driving forward industrial innovation, promoting more efficient design and saving people money.”

The improvements being promoted by the law are expected to reduce EU electricity use by as much as is generated by more than 60 coal power stations.

Local shale gas extraction needs targeted regulation

Liberal Democrats from across the North West joined to demand a moratorium on shale gas exploration at their policymaking regional conference. Regional Chair and Southport Councillor Sue McGuire, called for a halt to further drilling until the environmental impacts were better understood. Shale gas recovery involves hard to reach reserves of methane being extracted by cracking porous rocks containing the gas using the controversial hydraulic fracturing technique known as ‘fracking’. Exploration companies are investigating shale gas reserves within the Bowland Shale Basin which covers a large part of Lancashire with test wells being drilled near both Blackpool and Southport. There are serious engineering and environmental concerns about the impact of fracking on low level seismic activity and on the possible contamination of water tables by the chemicals used in the process. (more…)

Energy firms clobbered customers through the cold snap

Commenting on Ofgem figures showing that energy companies are making £105 profit per customer, a 40% increase in the last three months, Liberal Democrat Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Simon Hughes said: “Energy companies clobbered households even as they struggled through the cold snap.

“Cynical price cuts now won’t disguise bumper profits made on the back of grossly unfair fuel bills.

“Energy firms should be forced to show how much profit they make on every pound they charge at the bottom of every fuel bill.”

Gas alerts show we need energy from renewables not Russia

Commenting after the National Grid issued its second gas alert in three days, Liberal Democrat Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Simon Hughes said: “Supply alerts caused by this winter’s harsh weather are a clear reminder of the need to shift our energy policy to dependence on renewables not Russia.

“The Government has admitted the UK needs more gas storage, but precautionary action from the National Grid doesn’t mean a national crisis.

“Factories who signed up to interruptible contracts were more than happy to take the cheaper prices they got as a payoff.”